Oct 21

2-God cannot look on sin

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Biblical Rules of Death, Part 2

The Biblical Rules of Death: Who, What, Where, & Why we have to die

Rule #2: God cannot look on sin (Hab 1:13)

The holiness of God is so sacred that He is pained to even look at sin. All of us have been proven guilty of sin – either by our own conscience, or by God’s law, or both (Romans 3:23). Consequently, most people feel the need to have their sins forgiven (see remission). Continue reading

Sep 12

2 – Judgment at Death (Where will you go?)

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Judgment at Death

The judgment that determines a person’s eternal destination is, without question, the most significant judgment for each of us. The Judgment at Death is that judgment.

The Judgement of Actions and Consequences could be considered a law (like the law of gravity). It condemns all who commit sin to die a physical death (Romans 5:12). But the Judgment at Death is the point where the consequences of an individual’s sins are dealt with. It is the event where a person is either allowed entry into heaven, or condemned to hell. 

So, how good must I be to enter heaven?

Question: From the list below, pick the person(s) from the Bible who, because of their personal righteousness, God allowed into heaven:

(a) Saint Paul
(b) Apostle John
(c) King David
(d ___(fill in the blank)___
(e) None of above

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