5-Everyone will go to either Heaven or Hell

5-Everyone will go to either Heaven or Hell
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Biblical Rules of Death, Part 5

The Biblical Rules of Death: Who, What, Where, & Why we have to die

Rule #5: Everyone will go to either Heaven or Hell

Heaven is generally understood as the place of eternal life for the righteous. That is not precisely accurate since there are several locations identified with eternal life. Also, the present Heaven is replaced (at a later time) with a “new heaven” (Revelation 21:1).

Heaven is the place of God’s throne. So, when we speak of heaven, we are usually talking about the place of eternal life, in the presence of God. The word suggests everything holy and wonderful!

Hell is generally understood as the place of eternal punishment.  Keep reading →

Prophetic Timeline of Future Events

Prophetic Timeline of Future Events
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Prophetic Timeline

(Updated January 30, 2016)

This single sheet Prophetic Timeline has a wealth of information about what future events. It reveals what will happen, and when, in reference to other prophetic events. Biblical references are given for each event.

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Events on the Prophetic Timeline:

  1. Present Time – from the cross to the rapture
  2. Undefined time – rapture to the revelation of Antichrist
  3. First half (3.5 years) of tribulation
  4. Second half of the tribulation (“great tribulation”)
  5. Undefined time – From end of tribulation until Satan is bound
  6. Millennium – 1000 years under the righteous rule of Christ
  7. Rebellion at end of millennium
  8. Great White Throne judgment
  9. Endless eternity
Prophetic Timeline
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