Sep 09

Faith and Prosperity Teachings with Generational Curses

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Faith and Prosperity Teachings 

(With Generational Curses)

Many popular TV evangelists and teachers base their studies on what is commonly known as the “prosperity teaching.” In its simplest form, it says that God wants all of His children to prosper in every way – including in health and finances (3 John 1:2).

One of the first such evangelists was “Rev. Ike.” Since the early 1970’s, he has taught that listeners can “have what you want to have, be what you want to be, and do what you want to do” – just send him money. He also taught “You can’t loose with the stuff I use” and, “You will UNLEARN sickness and know health.But he died in 2009 after failing to recover from a stroke two years previous.

It is blatantly evident that not every Christian is financially prosperous and also that practically all people die of some sickness/disease – even Rev. Ike. So, these prosperity teachers add two other questionable teachings: The “Word of Faith” teaching and “Generational Curses.” (Others, like Joel Osteen, return to the Rev Ike formula and simply say that we should look inside ourselves and our self-image to “Live our Best Life Now.”) Continue reading

Apr 02

Prophetic Timeline of Future Events

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Prophetic Timeline

(Updated January 30, 2016)

This single sheet Prophetic Timeline has a wealth of information about what future events. It reveals what will happen, and when, in reference to other prophetic events. Biblical references are given for each event.

This document is (c) copyright 1999-2016, Ray Waldo,  Loranger, LA 70446. All rights reserved.

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Events on the Prophetic Timeline:

  1. Present Time – from the cross to the rapture
  2. Undefined time – rapture to the revelation of Antichrist
  3. First half (3.5 years) of tribulation
  4. Second half of the tribulation (“great tribulation”)
  5. Undefined time – From end of tribulation until Satan is bound
  6. Millennium – 1000 years under the righteous rule of Christ
  7. Rebellion at end of millennium
  8. Great White Throne judgment
  9. Endless eternity
Prophetic Timeline

Timeline of prophetic events. Reproduction for personal, devotional use is allowed. All rights reserved. No other use of this document are allowed. No reproduction & distribution is allowed without express written approval by copyright holder.

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Oct 28

Holiness is Aweful (sic)

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Holiness is Aweful

BTW, I know that “aweful” is incorrectly spelled, but it has a meaning… read on.

There is a tremendous disparity in understanding of the doctrine of holiness and/or sanctification. The definition of those terms is a matter of debate among many teachers and preachers. It is also one of the primary differences between some major denominations.

Many people today believe that no one can be holy except God Himself. I have heard people “quote” the Bible as saying that. However, the Scripture they think they are quoting is not found in any Bible that I have ever read. The nearest that I have found to such a statement is Luke 18:19 where Jesus asked, “‘Why do you call me good?’ …. ‘No-one is good— except God alone.‘” But this speaks of “good” — not “holy.” And even the statement of “good” is not to be taken literally – Jesus taught that true disciples would be “GOOD and faithful servant[s]” (Mat 25:21).

Still others understand holiness as the elimination of all sin in our lives. When I first joined the Church of God (in 1968) that was the prevailing belief about holiness. We were taught that “Christians do not commit sin.” The problem with that concept was that each of us (without voicing it) realized that we were failing in that area. The reality is that we DO fail God – even to the point of sin. But even frail, failing humans like us can still be holy. Continue reading